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Fields of Knowledge:

  1. Fables, poems, literature, Hungarian language education, drama
  2. Environmental studies: Nature , Mathematics
  3. Visual culture
  4. Music and singing, folk-dancing, folk games
  5. Physical exercise: PE lessons every day, TSMT, Horse-riding (Pilisvörösvár, Teacher: Sindler Beáta), Swim (Buborék Úszóiskola)

Besides group sessions, we also put a strong emphasis on individual development. Moreover, if it is needed, we can split up the groups, which already have low headcounts, even further for the duration of the sessions.

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Based on the parents’ needs, we can provide opportunities for extracurricular sports and leisure activities in our own gym during working hours. The only exception is skiing, which obviously requires a different area and conditions. This saves time for the parents by eliminating the need to take the children to different sports clubs and cultural houses for additional sessions.



coach: Horváth László
II. kerületi UFC Focisuli
2 days/week




teacher: Sulyok Ági
1 day/week


Ski school in Nagykovácsi
1 day/week



teacher: Blinczinger Ildikó
Hotus and Lotus method
Every day


teacher: Juhászné Fehér Ágnes
1 day/week